Air purifier for odour and particle removal with plasma filter

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ORKAN air purifier for your salon, office or business
Delivery time 4-6 weeks due to increased demand!

Model: Orkan Aircleaner


  • state-of-the-art plasma technology for odor neutralization
  • durable motors from ebm papst
  • 3 stage air purification system
  • 4 power levels for controlled cleaning of the room
  • particularly suitable for nail salons, allergy sufferers and smoking rooms
  • Intelligent automatic switch-off

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The air cleaning by the new plasma technology takes place in three stages.
While the room air is sucked in, a pre-filter catches the humidity and coarse particles (up to 0.61 micrometers).
In the second stage, the now dry air is passed through a plasma field. The plasma module breaks down odor molecules within a high voltage field. This creates ozone. The ozone is responsible for removing viruses, germs, spores and bacteria from the polluted air. This releases water and carbon dioxide.
In the third stage, the generated ozone is converted into normal oxygen with the help of the activated carbon filter.

What is the benefit of an air purifier with a plasma filter?

  • Conventional air purifiers require constant maintenance, as the activated carbon filter is stored in the first stage and is quickly worn out. Because the AirFlair uses plasma technology, the activated carbon filter is only used to convert ozone into oxygen. This makes the Aircleaner practically maintenance-free and lastingly cheaper.

  • Cleaning of rooms up to 400m³

Technical specifications

ORKAN Aircleaner

Model No .: Aircleaner ORKAN 800-100
Connection value: 230V 50Hz, max. 150 watts
Connection connection: Schuko plug
Chassis: Stainless steel Aisi 304, 1.4301, antibacterial
Dimensions (W x D x H): 450 x 380 x 780 mm
Weight: 24 kg
Particle filter: 2, double-layer, washable
Air performance: Capacity level 1: 200 m 3 / h
Capacity level 2: 400 m 3 / h
Capacity level 3: 600 m 3 / h
Capacity level 4: 800 m 3 / h
Automatic follow-up: 10 or 60 min. selectable in all performance levels
Optional: remote control
Security advice: cannot be used in explosive environments
Safety sign: CE

Orkan Aircleaner * odor removal *

source Cleaning effect comment
acetone very well -
Acrylic liquids Good Acrylic glue with a very unpleasant smell
Benzaldehyde Good smells of almond, noticeable at low concentration
benzene very well Odor noticeable at high concentration
MEK methyl ethyl ketone Good -
Chlorine anisoles very well -
Collodion, collodion Good -
Ethanol 94% very well -
Heating oil, diesel very well -
Litter box very well -
Kitchen, food smell very well -
naphthalene Good Odor noticeable at high concentration (unpleasant)
n-buthanol very well -
n-buthylacetate very well Odor noticeable at high concentration
phenol very well Odor noticeable at high concentration
Meat, sausage, fish very well -
Incontinence / toilet odor very well -
Cigarette smoke, passive smoking Good Regular filter changes required in smoking rooms

scope of delivery

  • Aircleaner 800 air purifier

delivery time

4-6 weeks due to increased demand!


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