Things to know about Nail Dust Extraction

Things to know about professional Nail Dust Extraction

Whether you work in the shop or home studio, the bargaining dust is everywhere. Since we are exposed to this dust pollution for hours every day, one should think very early about a professional Nail Dust Extraction. For us nail designers, it is important to maintain our health so that we can enjoy our profession for a long time to come. Despite good Nail Dust Extraction, we always recommend wearing a mouthguard and, of course, wearing gloves.

In this article we explain the different suctions so that you have an overview. Thus, you are able to find the right device for you.

Basically, there are 3 types of Nail Dust Extraction in the nail salon:

  • Table suction
  • Built-in suction
  • Cutter with suction

Cutter with suction:

In this variant, the dust is sucked into the handpiece of the cutter. The dust enters the device via a hose, in which is a collection bag. This must be changed regularly to ensure consistent performance and to prevent damage from the device. This cutter is popular in foot care, as it is not possible to install or put a table system.

The disadvantage of the nail design is that the cutter handpiece is often very large and bulky. The finest Nailart techniques are hardly possible with this device. For many nail customers during the day, the wrists can tire so quickly. In addition, a filigree work is very unpleasant in the long run.

In foot care, however, we have a different hand posture and this suction cutter is perfectly taken care of there.

Table suction:

The advantage of an on-table suction system is clearly mobility. It is simply placed on the table and does not need to be mounted magnificently. Ideal if you offer a mobile service.

With some tables it is simply not possible to build a suction under the table due to the table condition (e.g. glass top) or due to lack of space. Here, an on-table suction makes sense.

These suctions are suitable for gel and acrylic model layers. Even with a low number of customers, an on-table suction provides good services.

However, if you have a small nail table, it may become tight. Depending on the design, it may interfere with the workflow. The respective set-up and discontinuation of the Nail Dust Extraction also takes time. This variant is not suitable for a professional studio run with a high customer volume.

Built-in suction:

Now we come to the 3rd variant. The built-in Nail Dust Extraction is the one that is most used in professional nail salons. They are suitable for acrylic and gel model layers. It is fixed under the table and the dust is sucked in by a hole in the table.

These devices are available in different thicknesses, sizes and shapes. The price range is also large. Everyone has to choose the right model for themselves.

Attention should be paid to the air volume flow. This should not be too low for the dust to be well sucked in. Most Nail Dust Extractions are easy to attach under the table. There are also nail table tops, which already have prefabricated holes suitable for Nail Dust Extraction.

In most cases, these Nail Dust Extractions can be operated with 2 types of filters. The normal slat filter and the activated carbon filter. The activated carbon filter also removes odours from the ambient air. It is important that the filters are always renewed at regular intervals. With most Nail Dust Extraction, this is easy to do.

Basically, you should buy directly from the manufacturers or distributors. Only there is good advice guaranteed. We also advise against using Nail Dust Extraction svacuums that are not approved in Europe. Cheap can often be very expensive, as we are subject to legal regulations here that must be complied with. The delivery times of the Nail Dust Extractions vary from brand to brand and must be taken from the respective shops, but should normally not be longer than 6 weeks.


What does CA-Nails offer for repairs to one of the suction systems?

We place great care in service and customer satisfaction. That is why we offer a loaner for the duration of the repair.

Is there a guarantee on the suctions?

Yes, 15 years on the engines We are happy to copy the current test report from ebmpapst, which convinces you of the quality of the engines.

What is the delivery time of the suctions

Delivery time of the suctions 2-3 working days after receipt of payment

If I have any questions about the suctions?

For this purpose, our team is available with expert advice and will be happy to help you. This is because customer satisfaction and service are paramount. By phone from Monday to Thursday 9am-4pm Friday 9am-2pm 02841-9996774

The right Nail Dust Extraction for everyone

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