Warranty Declaration

CA Nails Guarantee for Professional Nail Dust Extraction

1.Guarantee service

In addition to the seller's legal liability for material defects,

as a manufacturer under the following conditions for

impeccable durability of properly used Nail Dust Extraction svacuums from CA


Warranty scope

The warranty covers the motors of the Nail Dust Extraction

The warranty performance does not include the following points:

(a) regular inspections, maintenance and repairs or the replacement of

Wear parts, especially the filters

b) Incorrect operation or defects due to incorrect installation

c) Damage caused by storm, water, fire, overvoltage, higher

violence or war, faulty connection to the network or other

Reasons that CA Nails has no influence on.

d) Damage caused by transport or improper packaging

e) Natural wear and tear

f) Damage caused by the unauthorized conversion of the device by the

Usages arise

The warranty does not include installation and installation costs or other

Costs that are not costs of material replacement.

The guarantee is given on condition that the

Nail Dust Extraction according to the applicable CA Nails installation and

warranty conditions are installed and operated.

There is no guarantee liability for defects caused by the buyer.

Warranty period

The warranty period is 15 years and starts on the date of purchase

by the first-time user. The date of purchase is due to the original invoice

or the cash receipt. If the serial number of the product is

not present or unreadable, CA Nails' warranty is

Invalid. In case of complaint, please contact the

product and the original invoice or the cash receipt directly to the

seller or manufacturer.

Warranty Terms

Our warranty service consists exclusively in the fact that we

within the warranty period, at our discretion, the

First-time use of the engine free of charge or a free

make a replacement delivery. The replaced product or

Part is transferred to the ownership of CA Nails.

If the repair is carried out by an unauthorized or commissioned

person, CA Nails assumes no costs or liability, it

unless the repair has been previously coordinated with CA Nails.

Errors in the warranty period show up in the

functionality of the engine, warranty claims must be made immediately

to assert it.

In order to receive warranty claims, only CA Nails in

Moers. The costs and the risk of loss or loss

Damage on the way to or from CA Nails is borne by the buyer.

CA Nails makes a statement under this warranty as soon as the

buyer has issued the Nail Dust Extraction to CA Nails. With the

Warranty performance will be the company CA Nails owner of the defective parts.

Further warranty exclusions

Warranty claims cannot be taken into account if the device is

or the warranty item...

1. is not operated in accordance with the specifications, in particular in the case of

use of improper filter media or improper

Replacing the filters.

due to inappropriate, improper or negligent treatment,

in particular by non-observance of the operating and installation instructions or

has been damaged by failure to maintain.

mechanical damage of any kind on the outside.

if the nameplate is tampered with, removed, or illegible.

Supplementary regulations

Further warranty claims, in particular for damages and losses,

of any kind caused by the device or warranty

its use are excluded.

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