ORKAN ECQuantum Nail Dust Extraction


ORKAN professional Nail Dust Extraction EC Quantum for the modern nail salon. Of course "Made in Germany" and 15 years warranty.
Equipped with powerful radial fans from ebmpapst.

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ORKAN professional Nail Dust Extraction for the modern nail salon

ORKAN EC Quantum GreenTech (up to 30% energy saving)

The powerhouse in a sleek design - Made in Germany - 15 years warranty!
Our innovative new development with an air volume flow of up to max 500m3/h ensures a file dust-free nail salon. Especially suitable for nail salons with high frequency. This under-table Nail Dust Extraction can be easily mounted. Only a hole of 16 cm diameter is cut into the table top. Afterwards, a supplied air grille is placed over the hole and the Nail Dust Extraction is mounted under the table - that's it. Now you can start the nail design work. The haggling dust is reliably sucked in. In addition, the activated carbon filter filters pollutants and unpleasant odours. The activated carbon filter is optimally integrated into the Nail Dust Extraction system and enables an uncomplicated filter change and cleaning.

We use only high-performance radial fans from ebmpapstfor our Nail Dust Extraction systems.

Here are some key data on ORKAN EC Quantum Nail Dust Extraction:
• Powder-coated, compact aluminium housing
• 2 radial fans from ebmpapst
• Up to 30% energy savings thanks to innovative GreenTech EC technology
• Continuous power regulation with durable potentiometer from ebmpapst
• Suitable for acrylic & gel work
• Helpful for allergy sufferers

Technical data

Air volume flow: max. 500m3/h
Volume: up to 67dBA (adjustable)
Power: 153W
Dimensions: 57cm x 33cm x 11.5cm
Mains voltage: 230V / 50-60Hz

Cleaning & Maintenance

Depending on the customer volume, we advise the slat spaces of the filters with a commercially available vacuum cleaner to clean the market dust at regular intervals. We recommend changing the filter after 6 months at the latest. You can easily reorder the activated carbon filters in our online shop as required.

• Nail Nail Dust Extraction ORKAN EC Quantum GreenTech
• One activated carbon filter
• Ventilation grille
• Operating manual

Free additional replacement carbon filters+free shipping within Germany

The delivery time is usually 2-4 business days

Made in Germany

Video by Frank Schäberle about one of our Nail Dust Extraction, the ORKAN EC+ GreenTech

Download user manual


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