Activated Carbon Filter ORKAN AC+


suitable for ORKAN AC+ year 2018 and older

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Activated carbon filters for common models


  • High activated carbon content for better odour filtering
  • Reliable filtering of the resulting nail dust
  • Sustainable production
  • particularly good sealing of the frame
  • High-quality workmanship Made in Germany!


36.2x28.5x3 cm


2-4 business days

Questions & Answers

Is this filter suitable for my Nail Dust Extraction?

Yes, the filter fits 100% to your ORKAN AC+ Nail Dust Extraction year 2018 and older

How often do I need to clean my activated carbon filter?

Cleaning varies greatly depending on the number of customers. With about 3-6 customers per day, you should clean the filter twice a week. However, with 10 customers per day, you should do the cleaning daily.

Why do I need to clean the activated carbon filter?

The activated carbon filter consists of slats into which the nail dust is stuck. If the slats become clogged due to a lack of cleaning, the motor needs more energy to be able to provide the same suction force. This means that with full filter the suction force and volume is not generated as indicated by us.

How do I clean the activated carbon filter?

The easiest way to clean the slats of the filters is to soak up the nail dust with a vacuum cleaner and a corresponding joint attachment.

When is a filter change due?

Depending on the customer volume, the filter change should take place between 3 and 6 months.

Are there discounts on filters?

Yes, we regularly offer discount promotions on our entire product portfolio.

For further questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail:

Phone: 02841 / 999 677 4



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